Rob and I love to eat.  America is the place to do it.  I mention this today only because our first night here in Nashville, we ate at a great two-level restaurant/bar. On the bottom level, there was live country music playing. We opted for the view upstairs, where we could sit outside overlooking the full main street. Inexplicably, they were playing 80’s pop songs (I love Howard Jones). I guess it wasn’t inexplicable: the 80s were great. 

I took a chance and ordered something called smoked sausage with cheddar cheese.  Okay. Neither one of these things is strange, but what are they going to serve me?  First, came the crackers.  A heaping pile of saltines.  As Rob and I pondered this development – and I contemplated stuffing the crackers in my purse so as not to offend our Tennesseen(?) hosts – my food arrived. It was a basket filled with slices of delicious smoked sausage, large chunks of cheddar cheese, mild peppers, and dill pickles. 

As ‘I’ll Tumble for Ya’ (nothing more Southern or Country than Boy George) wafted in the background, I discovered that taking all the pieces of my meal and piling them on the crackers was not only practical, but enhanced what was already wholly satisfying.

Lesson: in Tennessee, they serve many, many meals with crackers.  Find a way to use them.  They know what they are doing.