“Ooh, you’re staying in the most haunted room in the hotel,” the lady at the front desk told me, her voice quivering slightly with awe and fear.  She concluded, “I won’t go in there.”  And I have to tell you, I believe her.  Everyone at the hotel seemed a bit, um, uneasy?  Spooky?  Unbelievable?  Odd.  Odd is the word.  Like the Adams Family were odd.  And though I don’t believe in ghosts, I do believe in being scared, so I wasn’t exactly thrilled to be staying in Super Supernatural Room.

To offset any impending fear, the boyfriend and I decided we should take the hotel’s ghost tour because ghosts are the opposite of bees: if you ignore them, they will not go away. They just want your attention and love.  So we confronted them.

The head of the tour was a guy who looked like Seth Bullock.  He dressed like a cowboy and had the long hair and mustache seen in the many photos of Bullock that graced the walls of the hotel.

He also made a big point of telling us that he was Seth Bullock, relating all stories in the first person Seth.  I will tell you that the mystery and magic that a ghost tour can hold disappears just a little bit when you know the guide is a guy pretending to be a dead man whose ghost (which is him) is haunting the place where you are staying.

We didn’t learn much about ghosts, except for the most important fact: that Seth Bullock (our guide, or not, depending on what level of crazy you operate on) died in our room at 2:30am! Excellent!  We actually cheered.  We knew the history of Bullock from the show Deadwood, so it was actually fairly exciting to be a part of history.

The tour concluded, the guy pretending to be Seth Bullock stayed in character, talking about how he went to Mexico to get his brother’s body after the Spanish-American war, then left the building dressed as Willie Nelson.  The last thing I said to him was, “See you at 2:30.”    I never saw him again.  But, I wasn’t the only occupant of room 211…