It was a dark and stormy night…naw. In fact, the weather this whole adventure has been fantastic. Here in Deadwood, it’s quite blisteringly hot; but a dry, direct heat. It is, in fact, the perfect condition to see ghosts. Deadwood’s reputation for murder and mayhem has also brought out the supernatural in everyone. The town, they say, is filled with ghosts; in the streets, in the buildings, and particularly, in the Bullock Hotel. One guess where we were staying…

The Bullock Hotel is the oldest hotel in Deadwood.  It was built in 1895 by ex-pat Canadian Seth Bullock and his partner (in business, not life) Sol Star.  Bullock was born in what is now Windsor, Ontario, and if you have ever been to Windsor, you’d understand why he left for the new frontier to find adventure.

After serving in the Territorial Legislature of Montana, he became a lawman before the call of riches that the Dakota Territory promised proved too loud to ignore.  He headed out with his partner Star to start a hardware store in Deadwood.  The day after he arrived, fellow lawman Wild Bill Hickok was shot in the back.  Bullock and Star opened up their business, but the murder of Hickok and the demand for a semblance of justice forced Bullock back into his role as a sheriff.  A sheriff who kept his day job, though, as his hardware store thrived.

Then it burned down.  So he built a hotel on top of the ruins.  That hotel, with some renovations, of course, still stands today.  On September 23, 1919, Bullock died of cancer.  Legend has it that he died in his beloved hotel in room 211.

Guess which room we were booked into the night we were in Deadwood?