Whether you are familiar with the HBO series* or not, Deadwood, South Dakota offers up a fascinating view of the lawless history of the settling of the West. 

Deadwood was originally part of the Dakota Territory granted to the natives, however, once General Custer and his men discovered gold in them there parts, all bets were off.  This gulch in the Black Hills quickly became ‘settled’ by fortune seekers, from both sides of the law.  And behind every fortune-hunting gunslinger, there is invariably a whole lotta hookers.  Prostitutes and prospectors: how could this town not succeed!?!

Deadwood was a place where people came to make money.  An illegal settlement not part of the United States Union, it quickly gained a reputation for its lawlessness; one which was well deserved.  The murder of former lawman Wild Bill Hickok – shot in the back while playing poker – was a prime example. 

But HBO kept the memory of the town alive in its show, bringing back to life all of the characters that once brought the town its infamy.  These are their stories…

Naw, just kidding.  But I will give you some highlights coming up so you’ll understand our encounter with the ghost of Seth Bullock!!!