So, Michigan. No disrepect to what I am sure are the good people within, but it wasn’t on the agenda, so it gets no more than an hono(u)rable mention. If you do ever get the chance to travel through while going somewhere else, I recommend two things: do stop and eat at a White Castle, and do not under any circumstances kill a worker.

White Castle is delicious and worth leaving the White House for.

Killing a worker, so the signs on the side of the road will ‘explain’, nets you a fine of $7000.00, and up to 15 years in prison. Now, that doesn’t really tell you everything. I mean, if someone kills a worker while said worker is sitting around in his backyard, is it the same fine? Oh Michigan. You are so puzzling to me. If only Michael Moore would do a movie about you and your not to be murdered workers.