I had never seen a livestock auction before. I know that’s hard to believe, as I usually spend my days around farms looking for animals to buy. Imagine my pure delight when I happened upon one at the afore-and-oft-mentioned Iowa State Fair!

Confused pigs and cows roaming around in pens, some on leashes, reflecting the sentiment I was feeling in their glazed, vapid eyes.  Small beds rested in the pens so that the farmer who had travelled from another part of the state could sleep beside his animal.  It was like first year students wandering around residence during frosh week, but with the benefit of getting to buy the one you fancy.

And I did fancy myself one of the pigs.  I named it Snorty.  Alas, poor Snorty, I knew him not.  He or she had other plans, and I never saw him/her again.  At least I still have this video to remind me always of the pig who touched my heart.