Remember our friend, the Giant Half-Jesus from Ohio on the first leg of the trip? If not, I shall give you a moment to refresh yourself by enjoying again that terrific post…

Ready?  Okay.  Well, our Friendly Giant has finally found a place (H)he can put H(h)imself up for the night.  It’s in a place called Effingham (hee) Illinois.  Driving on the highway headed towards Indianapolis, our eyes could hardly believe it.  On our left, we had the fortune to see the World’s! Largest! Cross!  Oh yes; standing at 198 feet tall, and 113 feet wide, Half Jesus would be proud to call this place H(h)is own. 

The cross is circled by a list of the Ten Commandments.  But these are not the boring display of Commandments one usually encounters.  These had audio.  With just the touch of a button, you can hear the voice of, someone, give you a full explanation of what each of these Commandments really mean in light of today’s modern world.  For example, Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery: no pornography, as pornography is about fun and that is not what G(g)od had intended for the physical act of love.  Thou Shalt Not Kill: don’t drive drunk, or recklessly, as these acts are willful acts capable of killing. 

I learned a lot about my lifestyle that overcast day in Effingham.  Mostly, I learned that my life is probably leading me straight to hell…but, after conferring with Rob, hell is not on our agenda.  I guess we’ll make it to Indianapolis afterall.