If there is one thing I love, it’s witty, wise, and wily people on the street trying to hustle me out of my money. And if, like me, you enjoy that very thing, may I suggest a nice trip to Memphis, Tennessee. Oh, and some guy named Elvis did some music stuff there a long time ago, too.

Graceland, the former home of this aforementioned Elvis character, is really quite epic; and, truly, the one place in Memphis where only Lisa Marie is trying to get you to part with your money.  However, unlike the other Memphisians, what she has to offer in the form of her father’s home, is spectacular.

I was not a big Elvis fan before going to Graceland.  I am not going to proclaim to be one now.  What I will say is that I have a new appreciation for the man.  I mean, anyone who has this kind of decorative sense must be respected.  I’ll let some pictures speak for themselves. 


In many ways, Rob is a lot like Elvis.*  Elvis played guitar.  So does Rob. Elvis travelled long distances for food.  Just like Rob.  Elvis likes things.  So does Rob.   And when they do like things, they buy them and display them or play with them. Yes.  You might even say that Elvis lives on in Rob.  Can’t wait until Neverland becomes a shrine to Michael Jackson.  Hope there are no similarities there. 

*I wish to stress that I was in no way coerced into making that statement.  Certainly, not by Rob, who designed this blog and who can wave the magic computer and make it all go away.  And he certainly didn’t buy my loyalty with this gift.