Despite its name, I was surprised to discover that Mobile, Alabama was really quite stationary. 

Picture New Orleans.  Then pump it full of downers.  That, in a nutshell, is Mobile.  It does have all of the prettiness, French roots, architecture, and seafood of NOLA, but it does not have the madness, with the exception of the man standing up at the table of his cafe randomly singing opera. 

What Mobile does have, that we were denied in Pensacola (which is why there was no real post for Florida) was a special little place I like to call The Dog Track. Oh yes.  Instead of betting on the ponies, Rob and I went to bet on the greyhounds!

I’d show you the photos we took, but we were yelled at by a security guard for taking out our cameras.  There are signs literally everywhere asking the patrons to refrain from profanity, and there are literally people swearing up a storm all around these signs.  There was not one sign telling us not to take pictures, but we were shut-down by security the moment we reached for our cameras. It’s a whole other culture down here.

Tune in to the next post to find out how much we won at the dog track!!!$$$