The Socratic method at work:  I date Rob.  Rob loves American Bar-be-que. Therefore, I have eaten a lot of American Bar-be-que. 

Okay, so I missed a few steps and purists will haunt me for it.  I am willing to live with it in the name of brevity. 

Bar-be-que is one of my favo(u)rite things.  America is, as it often claims to be on billboards and signs and just about anything you can write in really big letters on, the BEST IN THE WORLD at it.  At Big Bob Gibson’s bar-be-que in Decatur, however, there is a twist.  It’s an Alabama twist; something you will find only out here.   See, round these here parts, the sauce that y’all put on your bar-be-que; why, that sauce is white*! 

Alabama’s bar-be-que sauce is mayonnaise based.  Mayo and vinegar from what I can tell.  And when Rob and I sat down at our rustic but still modern table, we couldn’t wait to try this variation.  We were not disappointed.

The chicken was done to perfection (and chicken is hard to do), but that sauce…ooooh.  Being mayo based, I assumed it was going to be thick.  Not at all.  A bit runny, maybe, even, but it coated the chicken perfectly.  My mouth exploded in happiness at this new flavo(u)r discovered, and ended up eating more for lunch than I normally do all day. 

Thank you, Big Bob, for introducing me to a brand new world. And thank you, Rob, for buying up some bottles to take home with us.  Y’all come over this summer and try it, ya hear?

By the way, I’m the one on the left.  I think.  I just ate so dang much.

*You’ll be pleased to know that the white sauce was nestled without conflict next to the darker sauce on the table.  Alabama has come a long way indeed.