Allow me to take a moment to preach. At the visitors cent(r)er in Huntsville, there was the sweetest, nicest, Lady of the South I’d ever met.  That list includes Rosalynn Carter*, too, by the way.  I mention this only because I opened the Alabama segment with my fear of the Hillbilly Redneck.  The South really does get a bad name, and from what I have experienced, it certainly doesn’t deserve it.  These are genuine people; polite, talkative (see Rosalynn Carter note), interested, interesting, and sincerely concerned about making you comfortable.

Remember the recent**  movie, “The Blindside”, starring poor Sandra Bullock***?   Well, being here, you can understand how a person comes to befriend and then take in a complete stranger.  It’s nice.  I wish more things were like the South.

We now resume our regularly scheduled blogs.

*Rob and I did meet Rosalynn Carter at her husband’s library (he’s former President Jimmy Carter for those of you who don’t know) on a different journey. Very nice.  Sweet.  Talkative.  We actually had to end the conversation with her because she wouldn’t shut-up.  Shhhh, Mrs. Carter. Shhhhh.  I think I see some humanity that needs a habitat over there.

**The Blindside was recent at the time of posting.  I am choosing to believe this blog will live on in eternity.

***See above, Sandra Bullock was going through a nasty divorce at the time of posting. By the time your generation is reading this, I’m sure it all works out.  And that we are all living in outer space.