Rob spent most of this morning trying to convince me that we were not going to be raped, robbed, and murdered in Alabama. I’ve heard of the movie Deliverance  Come on.  Some of you have travelled with Rob.

Anyway, I was moderately convinced, and off we went.  I will introduce you to Alabama thusly: the Powerball Lottery in Tennessee that night we left was for $175 million dollars.  So, as we were heading out, we decided to stop at a place called the State Line Lottery.  Inside, there were rows of card tables, with people just sitting there, scratching lottery ticket after ticket.  Why, you may ask? Because, there is no gambling in Alabama.  If you want to gamble, you have to cross state lines. 

We bought 5 dollars worth of Powerball tickets, and crossed over, finally, into Alabama. 

Tune in to the next post to find out if Lisa and Rob are millionaires!!!