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?.! and I saw Zombieland last night

May 04

Ah.  There is nothing like home.  The air is less-fresh, the weather is freezing, the people are rude, the service is terrible, and no one did my laundry.  I like doing laundry so that last one’s not really a big deal.  Everything here in good ol(e)d Hamilton is exactly how we left it.  Sadly, not so much in The Glorio(u)s South.

When ?.! and I went to live in Mexico, we both got “Mexico sick” (if you’ve ever been, you know what we are talking about) and I sprained my ankle tripping over the cobblestone streets that I once thought were quaint, but quickly realized were deathtraps. 

When we went to West Texas the following year, our rental car ended up in a ditch on a very rainy day on a winding road near the Bush ranch.

This trip, we escaped unscathed.  ?.! strained his neck once for a few minutes reaching for something in the backseat.  I cut my foot slightly during a self-pedicure.  But that was it.  Nothing happened to us.  Unfortunately, you may have seen the news.  The South is a disaster.

My mother always told me to leave things the way I found them.  I tried.  I really tried.  Yet, still; Nashville is under water, so is Memphis, the Gulf Shore (Redneck Riviera) is shaping up to be one of the worst environmental disasters in history, parts of Mississippi were blown-away, my beloved Kentucky almost has the Derby rained-out, and the dreaded Arkansas was caught up in the wind as well.  Sigh.  Apparently, G(g)od doesn’t spare a couple of Canadians without taking out half a country. 

So, my deepest apologies to The Beautiful South.  It was a wonderful time, and often, more than I expected from each unique place that we visited.  I really am sorry it had to end this way. 

But, remember the title of this blog:  The South will Rise!  I believe that now more than ever.  The people there are of such a character; so determined and neighbo(u)rly and helpful, so proud of where they come from, where they live.  I just know that these people who welcomed us with friendly smiles and helpful tips will carry on and rebuild their homes, businesses, and lives.  And I sincerely hope that when they do, y’all go down there and see for yourselves the true spirit and beauty of the American South. 

Thank you all for reading!  Best. Audience. Ever.

P.S. Zombieland is a great movie.  Highly recommend.

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How south is South?

Apr 28

So, there has been some heated debates among my massive readership as to what constitutes being in the South. Some of you think that slavery has to play a big part in the definition. Others believe it to be funny, quaint accented drawls which form the boundaries. A smaller, but still very vocal group, argue that historically, the divider is the Mason/Dixon line. All very interesting thoughts. You, my faithful readers, have given me much to ponder, and I thank you for flooding my email with your fascinating queries.

To settle the issue once and for all, I turned to an expert.  She has been travelling in the South for the last three weeks, and, by her own admission, is very wise.  The South, for purposes of this blog and of my own, is any place that is south of Canada. 

Thank you all once again. 


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